Easy-to-Use Image Database Software Package

Image Central Database Software

Image Central™ Version 3.4 is a true, user-definable image database software package, which has been designed specifically to handle images as the most critical element of your work. Fast and Easy-to-Use Image Central™ allows you to integrate images and related data together in a simple single solution. Quickly acquire images directly into the database. Image Central™ provides the tools to make the database experience simple, convenient, and functional no matter what your prior experience level.

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Database searching is easy too! From simple queries of specific fields, to complex searches utilizing Boolean Operators, you can make your search as wide or as narrow as necessary to find the images and data you need. Database searches are easily accomplished in either a basic or advanced mode, no special database skills are required to create and run sophisticated searches. The results are presented as a "Subset" database and can be viewed by individual record (thumbnail with data), in table form (data only), or exported to a variety of formats.

The database setup is simple to follow; you decide how many fields to use, what they will be titled, whether or not to use drop down lists for data entry, and whether to require specific fields to be filled in. Image Central is fully Customizable for specific applications. The heart of Image Central contains a powerful database so there is no need to purchase other database software licenses such as Oracle, SQL Server, or Access.

Security is an important part of the Image Central software design. An optional Audit Trail Module is available in Standard and Enhanced versions. The Audit Trail locks down the original image and tracks any changes to the data fields in the database. It keeps a record of all changes to the data and includes a "reason for change" form to be filled out any time a change is made (Enhanced version only). User activities are logged so they may be traced and all original data entered into the system is protected and can be reconstructed. In this way, any inconsistencies in the database can be tracked and associated with known times and specific users.


The majority of all data generated in pharmaceutical and life-science research is in the form of images, rather than letters and numbers. These images represent an enormous intellectual capital that is substantially underutilized if they are not captured, stored, and easily accessed as part of the experimental processes. With images routinely stored in lab notebooks or removable storage media, the task of searching for and evaluating image data is cumbersome, time consuming, and in certain cases, impossible. Not only are these solutions difficult to query, but they often involve manual storage and retrieval methods that can result in lost or forgotten image data.


A wealth of information lies untapped in these collections of images from scientific experiments. A key to extracting value from these images is to provide a software system that is simple, powerful, easy to use and integrates seamlessly with existing equipment and work flow. Image Central™ enables researchers to store, annotate, search, reanalyze, and share images and data securely with various departments and research sites within an organization. Improving research efficiency by facilitating collaboration and better interpretation of experiments, discovery of new insights, and more informed decision-making by the individual researchers, project teams, management.


  • Enables users to extract and share valuable knowledge from R&D images, making it easy to search for data across an enterprise.
  • Deliver more efficient management and distribution of image data while improving collaboration and efficiencies.
  • Associate images with other experimental data to help better understand biological behavior and the effect of chemical compounds.
  • Export data and images to a range of applications for presentation or further analysis.
  • Create a common repository of images and related data to share information and insights with colleagues.
  • Enhance collaboration and communication among colleagues, labs and divisions.
  • Integrate image and alphanumeric data for improved experiment interpretation and more informed decisions.
  • Makes it easy to store and retrieve images, annotations and other research data so you can access previously untapped data and leverage work your colleagues have already done.

Image Central is the ideal solution for technical professionals who accumulate a tremendous number of images in the course of their work. The need to extract more information from this wealth of image data increases in importance every day. Image Central accommodates diverse work practices, organizes disparate images, permits image sharing, and is fully customizable and can include data from third-party applications. Image Central™ for Windows provides a simple, yet powerful answer to the problem of digital image management and archiving in the laboratory today.


Owners of earlier versions of Image Central (prior to version 3.4) please click below to see what new features are available by upgrading to the current version. Versions 2.0 through 3.4 are documented here. Each newer version includes all features listed for the previous versions. This document highlights only the most prominent features of each version, there are many more updates and corrections contained in each release.  !!WHY UPGRADE - CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!! 

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