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May 2018 --Media Cybernetics releases all new version of Image Pro 10

December 2017 --89North Delivering 7 Line LDI Laser for confocal under $20K

May 2017 --Media Cybernetics releases new version of Image Pro Premier 9.2 and Image Pro Premier 3D!!

January 2016 --Jenoptik Capture Pro software new version v2.10.0.1 for WIN7/8/10 32 & 64 bit OS white shading now back in for USB cameras.

September 2015 --Q-Imaging releases the new R series camera lineup with the newest SONY CCD sensors.

March 2015 --Jenoptik introduceess the new GRAPHYX camera and software line.

NEW Features in Image Central v3.40!
Image Central's Capacity Monitoring Program now runs independently within Image Central with no drag on your network or Acquisition program. Set limits on how many megabytes are in your image file folders and how many files are in the Thumbnail and overlay folders.

Batch Add routine completely redone for simpler interface and procedure for filling in common fields.  Now does only a copy not a move of files to new location.  Checking for duplicates is handled automatically and files renamed appropriately.  

Two new fields added -- "Long File Name" and "Long Path Name" automatically added to all existing databases and any new databases that are created.  Provides for complete support for long file names including blank spaces.

Compression Options for LossLess LZW TIFF and JPG formats (Three convenient compression levels simply selected).

ENHANCED AUDIT TRAIL now disables Image Enhancement and Auto Sharpening features from TWAIN preview screen so exact image from the camera is entered into the database -- essentially locking images down from moment they are acquired into Image Central.

Long File Names are now displayed in the status bar on the Browse Form and under each thumbnail on the Thumbs Display.

Export Module allows database to be searched and exported to Excel, XML, or a variety of dBase formats.

Pathologists use Image Central to Acquire and Archive images and accession numbers. Transcriptionists generate quickly and easily all types of Pathology Reports from within Image Central at the click on a button. Get the look you want utilizing Microsoft Word for complete control over all design aspects of the report. Interfacing to hospital systems available.

JENOPTIK MICROMANAGER/IMAGE-J Drivers/Plug-ins (Click on red to download)


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