Cutting-Edge Digital Imaging Solutions

Revolutionizing the Field of Microscopy

Cutting-Edge Digital Imaging Solutions

Revolutionizing the Field of Microscopy

An Industry Leader in Advanced Digital Imaging


Advanced Imaging Concepts provides the highest quality Digital Imaging for Optical Microscopes today. Are you purchasing Digital Imaging Equipment for Microscopy? Confused by the choices? Let AIC show you the value in what you already own! Recycle existing equipment! Allow AIC to show you how to add Z-Focus control, motorized X-Y stages, shutters for transmitted and fluorescent illumination, deconvolution software and complete Real Time Confocal Systems to your existing microscope. 

AIC has been providing State Of The Art Digital Imaging Solutions to our customers since 1989. In 1993 AIC introduced Image Central™ - a true MS-Windows image archival and databasing program designed specifically for microscopy market.

Image Central™ is an information and image management software product. Images of all types from across an entire organization can be stored, browsed and searched using alphanumeric queries. More specifically users store images together with important contextual data so that the data can be saved, searched, and analyzed later.

AIC markets Image Archiving/Databasing Software, Image Analysis Systems/Software, microscopes new and used. Custom imaging and archiving solutions for medical, scientific, and microscopy applications. Training Courses in Digital Imaging, Consulting Services and Custom Programming solutions for fully automated microscopy. Complete Systems are available which include microscopes, cameras, computer hardware and software and photographic quality printers.

Advanced Imaging Concepts, Inc

Our Services

Advanced Imaging Concepts offers a variety of Services to assist you in moving into the Digital World:

Image Central's look and feel can be created exactly as required with custom fields and check boxes. Document automatically all camera and microscope settings during image capture.

Generate custom reports through Microsoft Word with the layout you decide. AIC can supply many different reporting templates to automate report generation. Simplify your work flow, fast and efficient reporting designed to your specifications.

Pathology Reporting module for quick generation of custom reports at the click of a button. Integration with an existing HIS is a cost effective way to Image Enable the Pathology Department. Supplied complete with cameras and microscope adapters.

Save Thousands of Dollars!! AIC will work with you to make the most of all your existing equipment or recommend specific upgrades when is makes sense. Completely Automate and Update your existing microscope system -- from replacing video cameras with the latest digital CCD and CMOS systems to printing systems. AIC can motorize all existing microscope systems both compound and stereo. It is not always necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a completely new system. Our team will work with you to analyze your requirements and make recommendations to maximize the value of your existing equipment. Let AIC assist you in moving into the exciting new world of Digital Microscopy.

Custom turnkey applications configured with your existing equipment. Fully automate the analysis process. Upgrades of Presage CV-Series systems to the latest off the shelf software packages. Macro creation for all your imaging needs. Contact AIC for further information. LEAD TOOLS PROGRAMMING LEAD Technologies, Inc. is the world-leading supplier of imaging development sdk's. The LEADTOOLS family of toolkits is designed to help programmers integrate color, grayscale, document, medical, multimedia, Internet and vector imaging into their applications quickly and easily. LEAD's award-winning imaging technology has been chosen by Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Boeing, Xerox, Kodak, Ford Motor Company and thousands of other companies for use in their high volume applications and internal systems. AIC partners with JINKS TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT for Applications utilizing the LEADTOOLS family of products.

Training Seminars in Digital Imaging for Microscopy and How to Create a Cost Effective Digital Imaging and Archiving System. Courses offered custom designed to your needs and Complete Consulting Services Available. Consulting Service costs can be applied to purchases in most cases.

Latest News

New Site Launching Summer 2024

A Newly Designed WEB site should be active by late August 2024!

Complete Line of 4K cameras utilizing SONY STARVIS 2 back-illuminated CMOS sensor now available.

Self Contained Economical Fluorescence attachments for most simple upright and inverted microscopes - Single unit contains filters and Solid State Light sources to provide reliable and cost effective fluorescence for your existing microscope

Image Pro 11 now with Sophisticated AI 2D Analysis made simple

Image Analysis is now a2 generations beyond "Smart Segmentation" WE now have tools for significantly increased productivity in Imaging.