Cutting-Edge Digital Imaging Solutions

Revolutionizing the Field of Microscopy

Cutting-Edge Digital Imaging Solutions

Revolutionizing the Field of Microscopy

An Industry Leader in Advanced Digital Imaging


Since 1989, Advanced Imaging Concepts has been providing State-Of-The-Art Digital Imaging Microscope Solutions to our customers. We have been dedicated to providing high quality microscope imaging technologies to all levels of the Life Science Research, Biomedical Imaging, and Materials Research Communities. With a mission to make high-end microscope imaging technology accessible we specialize in Recycling and Re-Purposing existing equipment. Let AIC show you the value of what you already own.   

Update existing fluorescent illumination for significant increases in signal. We are experts in being able to add Full or Partial Automation, AI powered Image Analysis Solutions, Real Time Deconvolution, Spinning Disk Confocal Systems, Super Resolution Systems and more to your existing microscope. Complete systems are available, including microscopes -- both New and Refurbished, cameras, computer hardware and software.

Please browse our website for more information on the equipment we carry and the services we offer. Our professional staff is here to answer any questions you have and we welcome your feedback. Have a microscope with boxes full of parts and you’re not sure how it goes together? Give us a call – we’ll get you sorted out and assess what you require to perform you work in the most efficient manor possible.

Advanced Imaging Concepts, Inc

Our Services

Advanced Imaging Concepts offers a variety of Services to assist you in moving into the Digital Microscopy World:

Save Thousands of Dollars!! AIC will work with you to make the most of all your equipment and provide upgrades to bring existing equipment up to date without having to scrap the whole system. We work within your budget to choose your level of upgrade from a wide variety of options from new to refurbished. It is possible to completely automate and update older microscope systems -- from replacing video cameras with the latest digital sCMOS systems to multi-pass Dichroic mirrors and filter wheels to automate multichannel fluorescence capture. AIC can turn most older microscope systems into Spinning Disk Confocal and Super Resolution Systems. Our team will work with you to analyze your requirements and make recommendations to maximize the value of your existing equipment. Let AIC assist you in moving into the exciting new world of Digital Microscopy.

Upgrading Cameras, Fluorescent Filters, and Light sources are some of the most cost effective ways to take your research to the next level. We supply a full line of microscopes and microscope related accessories including a wide variety of cameras, fluorescence components, fiber optic illumination, anti-vibration platforms, micromanipulators and automation components. Through our commitment to excellence, we aim to drive technological innovation in microscopy and to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in various fields, including life sciences, materials research, and biomedical imaging.

IMAGE PRO 11 provides efficient and intelligent analysis in a modular and flexible software platform that brings together everything you need to perform cutting-edge image processing, analysis, and data reporting for microscope-based research & quality inspection. Whether basic or advanced functionality, any user can quickly become familiar with Image-Pro and start using tools like an expert. Image-Pro Analysis Protocols make getting started a breeze - without the need for programming or building a complicated workflow from scratch. Designed specifically for analysts that need rapid, trusted results. Image-Pro organizes your analysis routines into a few easy steps and leverages pre-trained deep learning networks to segment and measure your data accurately at scale. The best of AutoQuant standalone software has been upgraded, lab tested, GPU-accelerated by default, simplified into a single intuitive dialog, and is ready to fit into your imaging workflow.

The AutoQuant Deconvolution Module delivers repeatable, quality results in only a fraction of the time. Restore image fidelity, enhance quality, and reverse distortions introduced during the image acquisition process.

Training Seminars in Digital Imaging for Microscopy and How to Create a Cost Effective Digital Imaging Microscope System with Spinning Disk Confocal, Super Resolution, Light Sheet and other cutting edge modalities. Courses custom designed to your needs and Complete Consulting Services Available. Consulting Service costs can usually be applied to purchases depending upon the specific situation. Let AIC educate you on the best path to take based on your existing equipment, specific research requirements today and in the near future.

Latest News

New Site Launching Summer 2024

A Newly Designed WEB site should be active by late August 2024!

Complete Line of 4K cameras utilizing SONY STARVIS 2 back-illuminated CMOS sensor now available.

Self Contained Economical Fluorescence attachments for most simple upright and inverted microscopes - Single unit contains filters and Solid State Light sources to provide reliable and cost effective fluorescence for your existing microscope

Image Pro 11 now with Sophisticated AI 2D Analysis made simple

Image Analysis is now a2 generations beyond "Smart Segmentation" WE now have tools for significantly increased productivity in Imaging.